Ineke Hans Studio

Sign Stretch and Solve have been key words in Ineke's work for a while. The terms don't stand on their own, but often go hand in hand in her work.
We live in a world of which you could say: we don't really need anything anymore; we are full. It is good to think about our limits and objectives when we are in the consumer business. What do we really need nowadays and how can we still make a difference? Materials, techniques and human behavior adapt continuously and are certainly different to that of 100 years ago. Also production, promotion and retail methods change. We have to move forward and stretch the limits of new materials and techniques and explore new habits and ways of living. It makes no sense to design products that we could do 20 years ago.

Frugal & Fun: Squash, 2022 design parade hyèresREX campaign & presentations, 2021 circuformREX, 2021 circuformFrugal Film: Bundle of Joy, 2021 selfinitiatedFrugal Film: Instant Desk, 2020 selfinitiatedFrugal Film: Forest for the Trees, 2020 selfinitiatedFrugal Film: Laser Chair, 2020 selfinitiatedFrugal Film: Superstar, 2020 selfinitiatedFrugal Film: Tête à Tête set, 2020 selfinitiatedFrugal Film: Eat Your Heart Out, 2020 selfinitiatedRoald chair, 2020 capitalC amsterdamThe Pink Salon, 2020 capitalC amsterdamMA-MA, 2018 KrehkyInstant Desk, 2017 opendesk Kunsthalle Wien Chair, 2017 kunsthalle wien / gebrüder thonet wienWas ist Loos?, 2017 kunsthalle wien Pamphlet: Explore & Act, 2017 research Last London Salon , 2017 research Storage & Stools, 2017 people of the sun Economic Nutrition labels, Fogo Island pop-up, 2017 Shorefast FoundationCuckoo Eggs, 2016 V&A / LDFBerit - collection, 2015 iH|collectionIsland furniture, 2015 private clientThe Drawer Table, 2015 ArcoHaag van Sevenhuijsen, 2015 YmereLondon Studio Salon, 2015 research De Baak Furniture, 2014 De BaakPilszen, 2014 KrehkyN34 Furniture, 2014 Provincie DrentheOrangebloom, 2012 Haags Gemeente museumAhrend 380, 2010 Royal AhrendGEO soundpanel, 2010 OffecctID-Cutlery, 2009 RoyalVKB FLY, 2008 ArcoWilliam & Mary, 2007 Haags Gemeente museumNeo Country, 2007 Cappellini Fracture Furniture, 2007 Cappellini Cheap Chic Furniture, 2006 Tools GalerieTree Lights, 2006 Tools GalerieFirst Fractures, 2006 SelfinitiatedExtra Ordinairy Seats, 2005 iH|collectionJolly Jubilee, 2005 ArcoForest for the Trees metal, 2005 van EschSouvenir d'Italie, 2005 Case da Abitare Forever Yours, 2005 Chi ha paura...?Garlic Crusher, 2005 RoyalVKB Cinderella, 2004 Netherlands Textilemuseum Family Vases, 2004 Dutch Pewter association Superstar, 2002 iH|collectionLaser Chair, 2002 iH|collectionMagic Chair, 2002 SelfinitiatedHocus Pocus chairs, 2002 SelfinitiatedBlack Gold production, 2002 iH|collectionBlack Gold originals, 2002 SelfinitiatedSeven Ways to Decorate...., 2002 SelfinitiatedTailoring Vases, 2002 SelfinitiatedFever Lights, 1999 Royal Leerdam Crystal Ordinairy Furniture sets, 1997 iH|collectionEat Your Heart Out, 1997 SelfinitiatedUnder Cover Chairs, 1997 SelfinitiatedJohanna II, 1995 SelfinitiatedSeven Chairs in Seven Days, 1993 SelfinitiatedPaulus, 1992 Selfinitiated