Ineke Hans Studio

chair + chaise chaise detail hocus pocus in lille

Black Magic collection: Hocus Pocus chairs
2002, chaise longue and easy chair

Experimenting with different materials, Ineke tried to find solutions for something she was looking for for a long time: how to create a soft sitting surface without upholstery?
One experiment resulted in ‘Hocus Pocus Chairs’.
The black linoleum sides remind of leather, the seat however is soft and came out of an interesting material experiment with webbing and coating foam with polyurethane.
In April 2002 two versions of Hocus Pocus were first shown during Milan’s annual Salone: ‘easy chair’ and ‘chaise longue’.
They are part of Ineke Hans’ third ‘black’ project in 2002: Black Magic, a small furniture collection evolving around 'new materials and techniques – familiar looks'. Playing with the historical context of furniture, unknown uses of well-known materials and connecting folklore and decoration to industrial processes.

collection: FRAC Nord, France