Ineke Hans Studio

Working on products and projects feels like solving design sudokus, with many issues to fit in. Functionality, economics, poetry, sustainability, aesthetics, efficiency, psychology, technology, anthropology are just some. 
Industrial digital and handmade:
Industrial design is associated with mass manufactured items, but we started off to make things by hand. Often during long winters cutting puppets, nutcrackers or patterns to kill time. Some techniques have evolved into true masterly levels and designers can use these crafts to make products, challenging the old techniques, just as they stretch the limits of a modern laser cutter, 3d printer or cnc-machine. Design stretches techniques and the limits of making processes; the word 'industrial' is too poor here. The trick is to end up with the the appropriate object with the appropriate production method. Somehow there is not much difference than between designing mouthblown glass or an object realized through injection moulding.

REX campaign & presentations, 2021 circuformLow Room, 2018 offecctInstant Desk, 2017 opendesk FLIX, 2017 Hitch|MyliusAline family, 2016 Johanson DesignPlektra, 2015 iittalaAline, 2015 Johanson DesignDe Baak Furniture, 2014 De BaakPlouf, 2014 MoomeFresh Berry Bowls, 2013 RoyalVKB Special Spoons, 2013 RoyalVKB Smallroom, 2012 OffecctMy Storage, 2011 MagisAhrend 380, 2010 Royal AhrendCorner Guy, 2010 van EschGEO soundpanel, 2010 OffecctID-Cutlery, 2009 RoyalVKB Nutcracker, 2008 RoyalVKB Credit Card Cutlery, 2006 Cooper Hewitt MuseumBowl & Fork, 2006 RoyalVKB Bowl & Spoon, 2005 RoyalVKB Garlic Crusher, 2005 RoyalVKB Cinderella, 2004 Netherlands Textilemuseum Family Vases, 2004 Dutch Pewter association Superstar, 2002 iH|collectionLaser Chair, 2002 iH|collectionBlack Gold production, 2002 iH|collectionBlack Gold originals, 2002 SelfinitiatedRings, 2000 S.M.A.K. Iceland Outdoor Furniture, 2000 Staatsbosbeheer Hole in one, vase, 1998 HabitatEat Your Heart Out, 1997 SelfinitiatedHabitat, 1996 Habitat Int.