Ineke Hans Studio

Of course we worry about our future environment, but we are also used to a certain luxury. We like to do good, but don't want to be bothered by it every moment of the day. Good Ecological things don't have to look eco, on the contrary to be really durable they have to do their job well for a long time and they can radiate luxury. From the early start Ineke Hans enjoyed puzzling to use materials as efficient as possible (flat sheet projects like Eat Your Heart out, Laser Chair, Instant Desk). She worked with recycled materials and sustainable techniques (the 'ordinairy furniture' collection, organic resins, recycled pet, Nabasco) and with cradle to cradle visions (Ahrend, Offecct). 

Footprint 1850, 2024 ArtEZ / NOMFrugal & Fun: Squash, 2022 design parade hyèresFrugal & Fun: Piscine, 2022 design parade hyèresREX campaign & presentations, 2021 circuformREX, 2021 circuformFrugal Film: Bundle of Joy, 2021 selfinitiatedFrugal Film: Instant Desk, 2020 selfinitiatedFrugal Film: Forest for the Trees, 2020 selfinitiatedFrugal Film: Superstar, 2020 selfinitiatedFrugal Film: Tête à Tête set, 2020 selfinitiatedFrugal Film: Eat Your Heart Out, 2020 selfinitiatedInstant Desk, 2017 opendesk Storage & Stools, 2017 people of the sun Economic Nutrition labels, Fogo Island pop-up, 2017 Shorefast FoundationChops, 2016 iH|collectionChops installation, 2016 BAL!Berit - collection, 2015 iH|collectionIsland furniture, 2015 private clientThe Drawer Table, 2015 ArcoLondon Studio Salon, 2015 research N34 Furniture, 2014 Provincie DrentheThe Heart of Cito, 2011 CitoAhrend 380, 2010 Royal AhrendGEO soundpanel, 2010 OffecctExtra Ordinairy Seats, 2005 iH|collectionReminiscence Bench, 2005 Staatsbosbeheer & Triodos bankMagic Chair, 2002 SelfinitiatedBlack Beauties cars, 2001 iH|collectionBlack Beauties activity, 2001 iH|collectionBlack Beauties furniture , 2001 iH|collectionOutdoor Furniture, 2000 Staatsbosbeheer Ordinairy Furniture sets, 1997 iH|collectionUnder Cover Chairs, 1997 SelfinitiatedPaulus, 1992 Selfinitiated