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The Drawer Table
2015, Arco

The Drawer Table arised from rethinking the old drawer-kitchentable to fit our current social habits. Nowadays tables have to be all-rounders and find their use on many moments during the day: to eat, to read newspapers, to work, to play games, etc. Than it is nice to be able to store things like laptop, napkins, stationary items inbetween changing activities. 

The Drawer Table has a surprising thin top offering room to almost invisible but spacious drawers and comfortable sitting space for knees and legs. The drawers from recycled PET feel like felt and slide easily on their own skin. The drawer-widths correspond with a sitting area for one person, but of course more persons can be squeezed in on the long table sides when nessesary. The table can be ordered as long as you like with 2, 4, 6 or more drawers!

The Drawer Table also works very well in working environments, offering small storage space to tablets and other items in meeting rooms and the felt-like material of the drawers also is very nice to deal with acoustics.

production: Arco
distribution: Arco 
publications: a.o. Dezeen, Designboom