Ineke Hans Studio

Sign Stretch and Solve have been key words in Ineke's work for a while. The terms don't stand on their own, but often go hand in hand in her work.
Designers are problemsolvers not only practical by making functional objects but also mentally where products and projects turn out right and enter your heart.
It is nice when things make sense. Products are around us to make our lives easier, more practical; if products make sense they can make our lives more fun. But non-sense also create fun and as such can also be considered functional and incredibly important. Objects can attract us, which means that there is more to them than just hardcore materials and technique and rational foundations. In the end it counts that things are real and intense and make our hearts jump. You could say there is something like 'practical functionality' and 'mental functionality'.

REX, 2021 circuformFrugal Film: Bundle of Joy, 2021 selfinitiatedFrugal Film: Instant Desk, 2020 selfinitiatedFrugal Film: Forest for the Trees, 2020 selfinitiatedFrugal Film: Laser Chair, 2020 selfinitiatedFrugal Film: Superstar, 2020 selfinitiatedFrugal Film: Tête à Tête set, 2020 selfinitiatedFrugal Film: Eat Your Heart Out, 2020 selfinitiatedSimple Pink Lights, 2020 capitalC AmsterdamLow Room, 2018 offecctInstant Desk, 2017 opendesk Pamphlet: Explore & Act, 2017 research Plektra, 2015 iittalaThe Drawer Table, 2015 ArcoFresh Berry Bowls, 2013 RoyalVKB Special Spoons, 2013 RoyalVKB Smallroom, 2012 OffecctSwing Wing collection, 2012 iH|collectionMy Storage, 2011 MagisRoofterrace with a view, 2011 CitoThe Heart of Cito, 2011 CitoAhrend 380, 2010 Royal AhrendNutcracker, 2008 RoyalVKB Silver Shadows, 2006 Tools GalerieWire Lights, 2006 SelfinitiatedCredit Card Cutlery, 2006 Cooper Hewitt MuseumBowl & Fork, 2006 RoyalVKB Forest for the Trees metal, 2005 van EschReminiscence Bench, 2005 Staatsbosbeheer & Triodos bankBowl & Spoon, 2005 RoyalVKB Garlic Crusher, 2005 RoyalVKB Cinderella, 2004 Netherlands Textilemuseum Laser Chair, 2002 iH|collectionBlack Gold production, 2002 iH|collectionBlack Gold originals, 2002 SelfinitiatedIGLO, 1999 SelfinitiatedHole in one, vase, 1998 HabitatOrdinairy Furniture sets, 1997 iH|collectionEat Your Heart Out, 1997 SelfinitiatedHabitat, 1996 Habitat Int.GOETHE & Cervantes, 1994 Selfinitiated