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Plektra, stool
2015, Iittala

Iittala extends its collection with small items for interiors and introducing Finnish birch. From that the company came with an unexpected and exiting request to design a stool for them. Plektra has a become more than just a stool. Its a hybrid that can also be used as a sidetable and carrier of tabletop and as such be a go-between for Ittala's interior products and the world of glass and ceramics.

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Plektra is an addition to Iittala’s expanding interiors collection: a versatile and interactive little helper for the home.

Plektra holds the middle ground between side table and stool. This hybrid design supports Iittala’s traditions: aesthetic functionality that serves more purposes than one. Plektra is made of high-quality plywood and fits very well in Iittala's family of simplified, yet playful and practical interiors products. 

Plektra is stackable and an answer to multiple everyday needs, whether as a side table for the sofa or bed, an extra step for children or as a small additional stool. The hole allows an easy pick up and move. The two heights make a nice set creating a combination of tables with two levels, following the philosophy of making space instead of taking up space.
Living spaces are becoming smaller, more personalised and multifunctional, so small products are needed to support the life in small units. There is a clear need tor multi- purpose furniture and versatile objects in the future. 'To me there is a practical functionality where things have to work and do their jobs and there is a mental functionality where products are poetic or in another way nice for your mind. Functionality can give products a longer life and add to their durability'.

There are three Plektra options to choose from, the lower one in yellow and higher one in white or plywood. Plektra is made of a traditional Finnish material, birch plywood veneer, while coloured items are stain painted. These pieces are made in Finland. 

commision: iittala
production: iittala
distribution: iittala
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