Ineke Hans Studio

There were times when the word design did not exist. People made chairs from oak when there was an oak-filled forest around the corner, and if that was a beech forest you would get beech-wood furniture. Products were vernacular; being practical was more important that style: if a chair needed more support an extra plank would be nailed between its legs. We dealt with things by using our common sense, used what we found around us and came up with ad hoc solutions. Some work of Ineke is said to have a folklore touch, and it is valued for being plain and down-to-earth at the same time. Both are not styling issues for her, but more results of using common sense.

Footprint 1850, 2024 ArtEZ / NOMMA-MA, 2018 Krehkyhungarian handwork, 2018 SelfinitiatedStorage & Stools, 2017 people of the sun Chops installation, 2016 BAL!Berit - collection, 2015 iH|collectionIsland furniture, 2015 private clientHaag van Sevenhuijsen, 2015 YmerePilszen, 2014 KrehkyFurniture for Fogo Island, 2013 Shorefast FoundationOutdoor furniture for Fogo Island Inn, 2013 Shorefast FoundationFurniture for Fogo Island Inn, 2013 Shorefast FoundationFogo Island Inn, trip and backgrounds, 2013 Shorefast FoundationSplit, 2012 SCPOrangebloom, 2012 Haags Gemeente museumWelland, 2012 SCPGEO soundpanel, 2010 OffecctID-Cutlery, 2009 RoyalVKB William & Mary, 2007 Haags Gemeente museumHebban olla vogala, 2007 Haags Gemeente museumNeo Country, 2007 Cappellini Fracture Furniture, 2007 Cappellini Tree Lights, 2006 Tools GalerieFirst Fractures, 2006 SelfinitiatedBig Baskets, 2006 SelfinitiatedCrystal Palace, 2006 SwarovskiExtra Ordinairy Seats, 2005 iH|collectionWillem II College, 2005 Gemeente TilburgJolly Jubilee, 2005 ArcoForest for the Trees metal, 2005 van EschReminiscence Bench, 2005 Staatsbosbeheer & Triodos bankSouvenir d'Italie, 2005 Case da Abitare Forever Yours, 2005 Chi ha paura...?Cinderella, 2004 Netherlands Textilemuseum Laser Chair, 2002 iH|collectionHocus Pocus chairs, 2002 SelfinitiatedDouble Dutch clogs, 2001 SelfinitiatedOrdinairy Furniture sets, 1997 iH|collectionEat Your Heart Out, 1997 SelfinitiatedPaulus, 1992 Selfinitiated