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MA-MA, jug-jar family for KÅ™ehký
2018, stoneware

Czech brand KÅ™ehký aims to continue in the tradition of old Czech handicraft and applied arts.

MA-MA jars are based on the fact that ceramics shrinks considerably during its firing process.
One masterform (MA-MA) is made for this family and from this the first casting mould is made.
The slip casted jar that comes out of this mould shrinks during firing and becomes the mastermould for the second (smaller) jug-jar. On its turn that jug-jar becomes the mastermodel for the smallest jug-jar. The line-thicknesses of the pattern on the last two jug-jars also shows the amount of shrink.

commission: KÅ™ehký
production: KÅ™ehký
distribution: KÅ™ehký