Ineke Hans Studio

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William & Mary,
2007, one-off for Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

The request was to complete a surviving 'spare part' of a composite period piece (1690) out of the museumcollection.
The question allowed to choose a handmaking technique. By blowing two new top vases out of glass, you can see a ‘ghost’ of how the original vase could have looked like.
The new vases are called William and Mary, because of their love for flowers. The blue vase Mary is decorated with white tudor roses, the flower in their family weapon. The black vase William is a wink to Ineke Hans’ Black Gold tulip vases.
William and Mary ware specially made for Vases with sprouts the tulipvase exhibition at the Gemeente Museum, The Hague, Holland in 2007

one off for: Gemeente Museum Den Haag