Ineke Hans Studio

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Jolly Jubilee
2005, Arco

In 2005 dutch furniture company Arco celebrated its 100th anniversary and asked twelve designers to design a product for that event.The company is standing out in its high tech standard of realizing and finishing its products.
This was for Ineke the main issue to move on from, more than Arco’s sober design attitude. Somehow her challenge was to introduce a poetic object and using the limits of technical opportunities.

A decorated chair was designed and realised the way only a high standard company like Arco could. Jolly Jubilee is an easy chair, cnc-cutted, out of one sheet of wood. With a leaf pattern all over, celebrating Arco’s 100th birthday.
In Holland you get a decorate chair for your birthday so in that way it fitted, and although its odd introduction Jolly Jubilee became part of the regular Arco furniture collection after the celebrations.

production: Arco
anniversary book: 010 publishers