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Frugal Film, 2020: Forest for the Trees

Lensvelt BV
2005, Forest for the Trees, coatstand

Once there were times in which we made a bowl with our hands and were drinking water from a river, a big stone would do to sit and branches of trees offered plenty of space to hang all kinds of things on, or they were construction for a hut or playhouse. Ineke Hans is interested in the down-to-earth side of human behaviour and plays a game with this.

Forest for the Trees is a coatstand from one flat metal sheet.
The first version of Forest for the Trees was made out of MDF and was first shown at Ineke’s successful presentation TRUE LIFE in the period rooms of the Haags Gemeentemuseum in Holland. The coatstand is in the collection of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
Since spring 2005 Forest for the Trees is produced by Lensvelt in metal.
Two parts ar cut by laser from flat steel. The branches are folded, the two tree-parts slide into eachother and finally epoxy-coated. Forest for the Trees is available in black, red and treebarkbrown.

Forest for the trees in a group makes a strong image in receptionareas or entrance halls and is in general very suitable both for consumer- as projectmarket.

In 2022 the production of Forest for the Trees was taken away from Lensvelt BV and moved to Van Esch

production: Van Esch (since 2022), Lensvelt BV (till 2022)
distribution: Van Esch (since 2022), Lensvelt BV (till 2022)
sales: Van Esch (since 2022), Lensvelt BV  (till 2022)