Ineke Hans Studio

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First Fractures
2006, first models at Mayday for Playday

Mayday for Playday was an experimental exhibition: a time out from commissions, a time out from design and the world of design.
Fracture Furniture was the major project for this exhibtion, trying to make super light and super strong furniture from materials not common to furniture industry.
Furniture is build up with superlight-weight and non-structural polystyrene and than covered with bandage material you are treated with nowadays when you would arrive in hospital with a broken arm. The material gets SUPER strong within a few minutes.
In the first run a variety of products came out in many colours come out, to explore the opportunities.
there were stools, trestletables, coatstands, kitchenchairs, easy chairs and low tables.

A selection of Fracture Furniture found its way to Cappellini Collezione in 2007

fracture seat
collections: National Taxtile Museum Tilurg & Design Museum Holon (Is)

exhibition: VIVID Rotterdam