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Frugal Film, 2020: Laserchair

Black Magic Collection: Laser Chair
2002, seat

With ‘Laser Chair’ a handmade-look was combined with a totally modern and industrial technique. Out of black MDF a kitchen chair is lasercut, and taken to the edge of sound construction being completely perforated with decorations like the holes in folded paper that children cut out.
It reminds of folkloristic kitchen chairs on one hand, but also early Thonet chairs with embossed decorations in the seat and back.
The Laser Chair is part of the Black Magic Collection, furniture evolving from “new materials and techniques – familiar looks”. As a result of playing with the historical context of furniture, unknown uses of well-known materials and connecting folklore and decoration to industrial processes, all pieces in the collection ended up having something magical.
In April 2002 the Laser Chair was first presented during Milan’s annual Salone and then as part of the exhibition “MILAN IN A VAN”, at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum held immediatelyafter that. Selected for the ‘up and coming designers’ section.

collection: Victoria and Albert Museum London