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Křehký Pilszen-bowlKřehký Pilszen-singlesKřehký Pilszen-bowl and singlesinstallation in Arthouse, Pragueinstallation in Arthouse, PraguePilszen on tableclose viewPilszen-singlesPilszen-bowlsPilszen in mirrorArthouse overview with tables

Pilszen-bowls and Pilszen-singles, table-pieces
2014, Křehký

Czech brand Křehký has a extensive product collection, looking for new tendencies in contemporary design and art.
Working for Křehký allowed to experiment with glass and to play. The self-set aim was to make a table-piece as a conversation-piece and not focus on something functional in the first place.

The Pilszen mushrooms somehow relate to the Czech and their national habit to pick mushrooms in autumn and drink beer.
Pilszen are blown as colourfull but transparant glass shapes. Being hollow with the dots all over them a playfull visual game starts with dots visual in back and front, as if they dance over the mushrooms.
On the Pilszen-bowl - where a dotted bowl goes with the mushroom - the moiree effect becomes even more exaggerated making it also in scale a respectable conversation piece 
The single Pilszen work nice in a group, but can also stand alone.

commission: Křehký
production: Křehký
distribution: Křehký