Ineke Hans Studio

weekdaysfestive days tablecloth red-white tablecloth white-silver cinderella for sixin progress

2004, Netherlands Textilemuseum

Doublesided tablecloth for The Netherlands Textile Museum.
Cinderella looks simple at first site but when looked closer it turns out to be quite a complex high-tech table cloth: being double faced and surprisingly thin.
One side is reminding of simple folkart tablecloths chequered or decorated with colourfull flowers.
The other side shows a chique tablecloth reminding of damast or as if ment for serious official banquets.

Computeradded weaving technique made it possible to realise Cinderella, thinner than expected from such a multilayered piece of textile.

commission: Nederlands Textiel Museum
production: Nederlands Textiel Museum
distribution: by.textielmuseum