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furniture for terrases Fogo Inn (photo Alex Fradkin)Fogo Terrase (photo: Alex Fradkin)bench on roof (photo: Alex Fradkin)terrases (photo: Alex Fradkin)various modelsterrase with a roof (render)view from high seats (render)view from roof (photo: Alex Fradkin)roof terrase (photo: Alex Fradkin)furniture on roof (photo: Alex Fradkin)view on a roof (photo: Alex Fradkin)roof with baths (photo: Iwan Baan)model in our studiored house roof and how you treat a bird on fogo

Outdoor furniture for Fogo Island Inn
2013, for Shorefast Foundation

The first project on furniture for the inn worked out well and we were also asked to work on furniture for the exterior of the inn. In 2012 we started to work on furniture for the terraces and the roof of the inn. The production of that furniture had to be realised in a rather short time and was designed less complicated for production. The outdoor furniture is based on the planky red houses you see around the island so much. We prepared some prototypes in our studio in Holland.

The outdoor family contains high chairs to sit on the roof and look over the balustrade to view the sea. Again part of this family are chaise longues: 'chairs to get your feet up' and to relax outdoor. The chairs that go with the table were designed in such a way that legs- and sitting angles line up with tabletop and back of chairs. When chairs are under table it all becomes a nice closed box with seats staying more or less dry.
The furniture is much more heavy which is practical in case winds are blowing.

commision: Shorefast Foundation
production: Shorefast Foundation

printed publications a.o: DAMnº magazine #41
online a.o: Dezeen, Designboom, Design Indaba, Frameweb