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People of the Sun x Ineke Hans
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Storage & Stools
2017,  People of the Sun Malawi

Storage and stools are a collection of baskets, trays and stools that are designed and developped to be hand produced by the Mango Club; a group of artisans that weaves baskets in a farmer community for People of the Sun in Malawi.
With their weaving the Mango Club keeps the indigenous crafts - that has been part of their local culture for centuries - alive. 

About people of the Sun

People of the Sun is an award winning social enterprise, helping low-income artisans in Malawi to build sustainable businesses, while preserving their centuries-old cultural heritage. 

People of the Sun teaches groups the basics of running a business, works with them to develop bespoke designs and connects them with customers around the world. People of the Sun also provides artisans with interest-free loans to invest in equipment and materials in order to grow their enterprises.
People of the Sun further fosters Creative Synergies between talented international designers and its partner artisan clubs, with an aim to create a value chain, that adds economic, social and cultural value to Malawi and its artisans.

Their vision is to achieve a global movement, which they call ‘Caring and Style’, preserving and promoting high quality products with a unique story, around the world and generating decent incomes trough trade.
The collaboration with Ineke Hans tells a story about design, making, tradition and modern living. Her design is inspired by local skill. In return local craftsmanship is challenged and can survive.
Design is not no longer just a question of functionality but transcends into a tool that empowers local artisans in Malawi and keeps indigenous skills alive.

Design is not ment as aid, but as a component for setting up sustainable cooperative businesses.

production: The mango Club for People of the Sun, Malawi
distribution: People of the Sun, Malawi

publications: World of Interiors, oct. 2017