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reminiscence bench render reminiscence model reminiscence in forest

Staatsbosbeheer & Triodos
2005, Reminiscence bench

A bench was designed out of FSC wood four outdoor.When placing a bench, in the forests a new tree is planted with it. This tree becomes a kind of parasol, placed in a hole in the extended seat of the bench. The seat becomes a sidetable as well.

Triodos is the biggest independant bank in Holland which invests in cultural and environmental friendly projects.In 2005 they had their 25th anniversarry. In cooperation with Staatbosbeheer (Royal Dutch Forest Guard) a reminiscence bench was developed. When people invest a certain amount of money, they can have a bench with text of their choice places in one of the hundreds Staatsbosbeheer forests, fields or dunes.

commission: Triodos Bank/Staatsosbeheer
production: Staatsbosbeheer
distribution: Triodos Bank/Staatsbosbeheer
info: Triodos introduction news, Triodos news page four
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