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Swing Wing collection
2012, INEKEHANS|collection

SWING WING is a studio collecten of chairs and desks. Simple looking frames are made by connecting complicated angles of lasercutted and folded rectangular tubes.
These angles turn out to support comfortable sitting surfaces for the chairs. The wooden back of a SWING-chair is fixed to the frame with a low-tech swing element that follows your back when sitting and creates a super nice comfort to the chairs.

The tabletops have a long box that adds structurally to the firmness of the desks and give them extra functionallity, creating space for plants or books and magazines. The box can also get closed with a hingable lid and make cables for computers or other electric desk items invisible. This cable management makes the WING-desks also interesting as simple office desk for homes and workspaces.

The digital proces of making the frames made it pretty easy to create a high workchair and a wider, lower model that allows more relaxed sitting.
The desks were as easy to adjust and also come in different widths and heights. A gentle and comfortable family of furniture is made by following production methods.
Both table and chair frames are available in different colours and have wooden tops in different colourstains, offering diversity and playfull touches to the chairs and tables.

Swing-high 44x50x81cm seatheight: 45cm
Swing-low 53x58x75cm seatheight: 40cm
Wing for one 90x70x75cm wing: 90x20cm
Wing for two 140x70x75cm wing: 140x20cm
Wing-low 45x60x50cm