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2012, Offecct

Smallroom started off with thinking about plants in the office and turned into a seating system.
The three individual elements (1, 1,5 and 2 metre long) give work and sitting space for one, two or three persons. Sitting next to eachother or even tête à têtes. Together they can also make small rooms and make many configurations. The back and sidepanels are high enough to give privacy and low enough to keep space in spaces and no blocked views.
The arms of smallroom can get different functions in different settings:
1. simple upholstered for support
2. as a work-arm for writing or laptops (optional with electricity)
3. with a undeep container as storage for books, magazines and folders for waiting and reception areas or for plants creating green environments

production: OFFECCT, Sweden
readmore: info pdf, or also or in Wall street Journal