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Dutch Profiles: Ahrend, Friso Kramer and Ineke Hans
Ahrend 380 chair by Ineke Hans

Ahrend 380 chair and table
2010, Royal Ahrend 

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The aim was a very comfortable multifunctional chair out of todays materials.
Basically there are two injection moulded elements: a seat and a back.
The back - sliding into the seat - is flexible and adds enormously to the comfort.
Ahrend 380 comes with and without armrests and can stack in both situations. When the chairs are in a row the arms go very nice together.

Just two components means easy assembly and disassembly for the chair. The flexible back is made from Xenoy containing recycled PET. Both seat and back can be recycled again. The two elements fit under eachother when boxed, reducing the amount of space and air when transported.

The used material makes the Ahrend 380 very suitable for canteens, and terrasses and interesting for domestic and project use. The back and arms are allways white and shiny, the seat is always matt and comes in black, white and blue.
The chair is accompanied by round and rectangular tables with a solid white top and table legs matching with the chairlegs visually and colourwise.

production: Royal Ahrend
info: Royal Ahrend
awards: Dutch Designaward finalist (2011) , Gio-award (2011), Good Design Award (2011)

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