Ineke Hans Studio

Zuinig-Sparsam-Frugal: Laserchair
Laser Chair on sheet

Frugal Film: Laser Chair
2020, animation

Over the years I designed many pieces of furniture that were extremely economic in the use of material. The sizes of standard sheets of MDF or laminated sheets of plywood defined folding tables or chairs. Tables ended up with unusual sizes since it allowed seats with it and minimum off-cuts. These things you do not always see as soon as the design is finished, hence the animations made for the exhibition Rood als tomaat, geel als citroen in Museum Valkhof Nijmegen in 2020.

Laser Chair is a chair totally cut by laser in 2002, a time when lasercutting was still pioneering. Four sets of components are cut from a through-and-though black sheet of MDF, including all the joints that are needed to build the chair. The sides are black because of the lasercut (burn). The components give the impression as if they are handmade but the wobbelyness of a handcutted pattern is digitally translated, so instead of lots of chisseling by hand you can cut 12 chairs in a morning. 
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Animation: Denis Bacal
Music: Felix ter Avest