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Black Beauties Furniture
2000-2001, childrens furniture

In the summer of 2001 Ineke Hans set up a children’s collection, Black Beauties, thirteen products with some very traditional small items for boy (crash car) and girl (skipping rope).
All items are made of black recycled plastic: wind-, water-, salt-, acid-, UV-resistant. The material allows products like the bathroom step (Wetstep) and the swings (Swing King and Sing Swing) to go outdoor and into wet environments.
The Collection has been growing through the years, items are added on every now and than and the group is devided up in Black Beauties: furniture, activity and cars.
In the Furniture group Office Chair, Office set are the best known items. Up/down chair is directly related to Under Cover Chair 007.

The decision to make the Black Beauties in black initially came when designing colourful work in years before, and confronted with the fact that most materials are available in white, natural and black an 'easy 'choice for the available black material was made giving the objects a quality of a 3d pictogram.
More importantly, the Black Beauties show that children do not only react to colours, but very often they respond to shapes, opportunities and ways of playing with things. In a way the project is closely connected to earlier projects like Seven Chairs in Seven Days and Under Cover Chairs, the designs being associative, clear as 3d pictograms and playing with functions.

Office chair and office desk together make an office set suitable for children of sitting age and up:
office chair, 2000
collection: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

office desk, including pencil, 2001
collection: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

supperman + tray, 2001
Dining chair for children from sitting age till about five years of age. Tray can slide, or be taken of and is adjustable to different size kids

up/down chair, 2001
Play chair can be moved up and down in different positions

share chairs, 2001
Rocking chairs for one or two kids, one year and up

wet step, 2000
To use as step up in kitchen or bathroom, for instance in front of washing basin or bath, but also as seat next to a bath

production: INEKEHANS|collection
Runner Up Rotterdam Design Prize 2003