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REX animatie NL
1 REX – an award winning collectors chair2 REX - made from waste3 REX - lowest eco impact re-engineerd moulds4 REX - guaranteed deposit per chair5_REX - check clean & repair6 REX - recycled maximise use
REX production
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The second life of REX
2021 for circuform

Rex, the first dutch deposit chair - was launched in the Netherlands in autumn 2021.

A special photo series was made with Annegien van Doorn to make REX' second life transparent for a wide audience. As a model in overalls, Ineke Hans shows the different stages in the recycling process, provided with short texts​.

1. an award winning good design gets a second life
2. fishing nets, office chair components and industrial waste is used a second time
3. production of chairs with lowest ecological impact in re-engineered moulds
4. you can always return the chair locally for a guaranteed deposit of € 20,00
5. deposit chairs are checked, cleaned, optionally fixed and sold again with deposit
6. broken deposit chairs are shredded as valuable resource for second production

Autumn 2021 Circuform & Ineke Hans presented REX at various locations:
soft launch: GLUE Amsterdam at coworking space Contact (sept)
cultural launch: Dutch Design Week Eindhoven: Things that Matter at Microlab Hall (oct)
commercial launch: Design District Rotterdam (nov)

The chairs are ready for distribution since dec 2021. International presentations are planned in 2022.

photo's: Annegien van Doorn
production REX: circuform
distribution REX: circuform
info: circuform
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publications: design diggerdisegnodezeende architectdutch design yearbook 2021frame magazine