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ALINE barstool
2015, Johanson

When Johanson – with roots in upholstery - approached us to design for them it was clear from the start that upholstery would be part of the design.
The aim was to add a character that would fit to us and to Johanson, but also to a wide range of users.

The outcome is a stool with an archetypal character. Outspoken, but at the same time very familiar. The metal 'lining' of ALINE creates a distinct silhouette for the whole frame. The metal strips 'draw' feet, base and footrest: a line that articulates and in that way adds to the character of the stool and plays a functionalonal role at the same time

commision: Johanson, Sweden
production: Johanson, Sweden
distribution: Johanson, Sweden