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Plouf seat & footrestPlouf chairPlouf one of first rendersPlouf in progress

Plouf, 2014

Belgium brand Indera contacted me because they wanted to set up MOOME, a more casual and affordable collection for a younger audience. The company had a lot of experience in upholstery and I thought it would be nice to design a chair that radiates and offers comfort.

In a way I was thinking of a beanbag and the way you usually enjoy plumping down in it. However these beanbags often don't support very well and that was exactly what I tried to achieve in this seat: great softness and good support. The first model was presented in 2014 at the Kortrijk Fair, but we worked on it a bit further to get the softness right and since 2016 it is available for the market.

Moome was set up to become an affordable design collection. I liked that issue and therefore the construction for the chair is very basic: just a frame to hold the cushions. But this frame also holds the springs in the bottom fairly easy and offers more seating comfort at the same time. From the start I wanted to keep this seat and footstool/pouf rather simple in shape as well as in construction. A kind of 'what you see is what you get'. It looks soft and comfortable and as a good hide out when you like to relax and I aimed that it would also give you that experience too.

The name PLOUF is a mix of pouf and the Belgium/Dutch word plof (ploffen means more less: plopping in, diving into or plump down)

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