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Baak Furniture
2014, for estate De Horst, Driebergen

Over the years international training and knowledge institute De Baak has applied very interesting art and design projects at landgoed De Horst and commisioned special in and outdoor projects on the estate.

Our furniture for De Baak arose from such a background. New furniture was needed for the restaurant of De Horst. The furniture had to meet practical requirements like stacking and occasional outdoor use.
De Baak decided to have something designed for the location. This ment they could have furniture that met their needs and that they had an interesting commission for the designer. Moreover the commission also was ment set an example and to inspire the managers, leaders and entrepreneurs who follow courses at the Baak to include cultur in their decisions.

We designed simple bold but light dining tables that are easy to combine, stackable chairs (with and without arms), plus high tables with high stools. All models will be sold as BAAK furniture via INEKEHANS|COLLECTION.

Innovative to the furniture is that it is constructed from laser-cut box tubes. By taking out minimal sections the tubes can be folded together as frames. This way the welding of joints is reduced by 3/4. The woodwork has 'kinks' that increases the comfort of seat and backs surprisingly. The hooks on the seat backs and under the barstools allow you to pull the furniture to you, but it is also very convenient as hanger for a jacket or bag.

commission: De Baak
photo's: Ivonne Zijp