Ineke Hans Studio

hm10-flix: sofa different backs hm10-flix: sofa different backs and wooden basehm10-flix: sofa detailhm10-flix: highback detailhm10-flix: high back wooden base + tablehm10-flix: high back swivel seathm10-flix: easy chair with tubular framehm10-flix: easy chair on swivel base with tablehm10-flix: easy chair with wooden frame and tablehm10-flix: first modelshm10-flix: sketcheshm10-flix: sketches

FLIX, upholstery system hm10
2017, for Hitch | Mylius

FLIX is a new seating system for Hitch Mylius. A playful system that works for both formal and informal spaces, offering multiple and single seating options. 

Ineke considered what we required from our working environments nowadays and worked to develop furniture that allows activity, is light and flexible,and that understands people with their varied and changing needs. Privacy is important but must be balanced with the necessity  for communication and interaction. With a minimum of components (4 panels - an arm and three back heights - and 3 base types) it is possible to create a range of configurations for office, hospitality and co-working environments. FLIX also offers many opportunities to play with materials, fabric colours and textures.

production: Hitch Mylius
distribution: Hitch Mylius