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Roald, a chair for new types of meetings
2020, for CapitalC Amsterdam

Roald aims to fit to the paperless meetings that take place nowadays and to provide different types of use, fitting to the flexibility that CapitalC offers to its clients: An informal boardroom, a space for meetings at 1,5 meter distance, romantic dinners or even a nail studio. 
The chair - based on Roald Dahl's workchair - has usb connections and the board can be used as arm as well as worktop.

The visionairy developer invited various Dutch designers to design a boardroom.
The Pink Salon was designed as an alternative boardroom and the Roald chair was designed for that. 

CapitalC is located in the old Diamond Exchange of Amsterdam. It houses fixed companies, as well as to temporary creative workspaces. With that Capital C wants to provide space for people with the urge to experiment and - as old exchange - housing both genius and stupidity, a strange energy that some people take more seriously than others. They call it creativity with a Capital C.

commision: CapitalC Amsterdam
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short animations: ROALD use of arm and ROALD in Pink Salon
recognition: longlist 2020 dezeen awards workplace design