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Seven Chairs in Seven Days
1993 -1995, sculptural furniture 
(graduation work RCA)

Seven Chairs in Seven Days was set up as a quick sketch and research project in underlayment, making seven chairs in seven days. By stretching, bending and playing with the architypical appearance of chairs, Ineke Hans was looking for new furniture types and the associative power of furniture, creating furniture like pictograms.The actual making of Seven Chairs in Seven Days took place during her holidays in Holland when Ineke studied at the Royal College of Art in London.
Their display at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in 1996 meant a break-through for her work.

collection: all chairs belonged to a private collector
In 2015 the private collector donated the full serie to Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

production: Ineke Hans & ATA
photo's: Ron Steemers & Alphons ter Avest
information: behind the scene
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