Ineke Hans Studio

Sign Stretch and Solve have been key words in Ineke's work for a while. The terms don't stand on their own, but often go hand in hand in her work.
Design is visual and communicates in a world without words, which is less complicated than it might seem. If you get out of an airplane in China, Sweden or the Netherlands, you can find my way to the exit through pictograms. We can rely on our imagination and on the associative power of objects that lead us back to clichés, archetypes and sources that we share as global blueprints.
Humans have a strange habit: they always try to find the potential use for unknown objects they come across. Somehow we have a collective memory that we use when dealing with objects. If an object has something sticking out it might be… a handle? Designers can use and manipulate communication when creating new work.

Roald chair, 2020 capitalC amsterdamThe Pink Salon, 2020 capitalC amsterdamhungarian handwork, 2018 SelfinitiatedInstant Desk, 2017 opendesk Pamphlet: Explore & Act, 2017 research Chops, 2016 iH|collectionChops installation, 2016 BAL!Sonsbeek '16, 2016 Sonsbeek InternationalAline family, 2016 Johanson DesignPlektra, 2015 iittalaAline, 2015 Johanson DesignRare Bird Collection, 2014 OkimonoWonderwoud, 2014 De WindroosFurniture for Fogo Island, 2013 Shorefast FoundationOutdoor furniture for Fogo Island Inn, 2013 Shorefast FoundationFurniture for Fogo Island Inn, 2013 Shorefast FoundationFresh Berry Bowls, 2013 RoyalVKB Special Spoons, 2013 RoyalVKB Welland, 2012 SCPRoofterrace with a view, 2011 CitoAhrend 380, 2010 Royal AhrendCorner Guy, 2010 van EschTNT gift, 2008 TNT postFracture Furniture, 2007 Cappellini Credit Card Cutlery, 2006 Cooper Hewitt MuseumBowl & Fork, 2006 RoyalVKB Extra Ordinairy Seats, 2005 iH|collectionReminiscence Bench, 2005 Staatsbosbeheer & Triodos bankBowl & Spoon, 2005 RoyalVKB Home is where...., 2003 SelfinitiatedPeace Tables, 2003 Puffin ClubBlack Gold production, 2002 iH|collectionBlack Gold originals, 2002 SelfinitiatedKwartet, 2002 P.L.A.N.E.T. Black Beauties cars, 2001 iH|collectionBlack Beauties activity, 2001 iH|collectionBlack Beauties furniture , 2001 iH|collectionDouble Dutch aprons, 2001 SelfinitiatedElephant chairs, 2001 iH|collectionRings, 2000 S.M.A.K. Iceland Sofa salon, 2000 Sofa Foundation Ordinairy Furniture sets, 1997 iH|collectionUnder Cover Chairs, 1997 SelfinitiatedJohanna II, 1995 SelfinitiatedJohanna I, 1995 SelfinitiatedGOETHE & Cervantes, 1994 SelfinitiatedSeven Chairs in Seven Days, 1993 SelfinitiatedPaulus, 1992 Selfinitiated