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Fogo Long Bench (photo: Steffen Jagenburg)Fogo Long Bench plainFogo Rocker plainFogo Rocker (photo: Steffen Jagenburg)Fogo 'get your your feet up' Seat plainFogo 'get your feet up' Seat (photo: Steffen Jagenburg)Fogo Seat plainFogo Seat (photo: Steffen Jagenburg)Fogo Furniture Familyseat in entrance (photo: Alex Fradkin)Fogo Island Inn entrance (photo: Iwan Baan)Fogo Rocker in lobby (photo: Alex Fradkin)'get your feet up' seat in room (photo: Alex Fradkin)rooms with seats (photo: Alex Fradkin)room with a view (photo: Alex Fradkin)green 'get your feet up'room with a view (photo: Alex Fradkin)Fradkinlong bench in barFogo Island Inn entrance (photo: Alex Fradkin)work in progress: wood set uprocker and get your feet up in progressDon on get your feet uplong bench in workshoplong bench in workshopwoodwork and upholstery trycolour samplescolours and housecolours and upholsteryFogo chairs on stock before going to the inn

Furniture for Fogo Island Inn
2013, for Shorefast Foundation

Early 2011 we were asked to design wooden furniture for the interior of Fogo Inn, specifically for the entrance, the lobby, some public areas and the rooms. Part of the request was a rocker and a bench.
From the start I thought: whatever I do has to fit to the island, to its history and to its people.

There are traditionally many windsor-type-of-chairs on the island and woodturning was still going on. I wanted to play with that and – feeling a bit odd coming all the way from the Netherlands to tell Fogo-people what to do – I also wanted to give the men the opportunity to get some of their own creativity in the proces.
Therefore I defined some area's of the woodturning in size and in between these area's it was open to create shapes by the woodworkers themselves. Funny thing is that in the end they were all made the same because the workshopguys discovered the copy-turning-machine!
They got that machine and were super proud. For them it felt like industrial production.

By splitting the turned-parts in half, nice flat and supportive slats for your back arised to the chairs. Special patterns and techniques that the women used in the past to knit traditional warm and strong mittens and socks were used to make soft seats on the wooden furniture.

There are four models of wooden Fogo-chairs:
- easy chair
- rocking chair
- long bench
- 'get-your-feet-up' chaise
The last one exist also in mirrored version together they make also a big cosy seat. The arms of the wooden furniture are rather wide and comfortable for your arms, or to place a cup of coffee on.
The colours on the fogo seats are specific. The soft pastel colours find their origins in the icy-green / icy-blue / pale yellows and pale pinks you traditionally find on Fogo and in Fogo interiors.

Above some pictures of our furniture for the Fogo Inn Interior, woodwork in progress, coloursampling and the final chairs in the Inn. 

commision: Shorefast Foundation
production: The Woodshop at Fogo Island
distribution and sales: The Woodshop at Fogo Island

printed publications: DAMnº magazine #41
online: Dezeen, Designboom, Design Indaba,