Ineke Hans Studio

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Black Beauties Cars
2000 - 2010, toy cars

In the summer of 2001 Ineke Hans set up a children’s collection, Black Beauties
The Collection has been growing through the years, items are added on every now and than and the group is devided up in Black Beauties: furniture, activity and cars.
The Car group has grown mostly. Items have been added on for special occasions or exhibitions and also colours came in there.
Black Beauties show that children often respond to shapes, opportunities and ways of playing with things. The designs being associative, clear as 3d pictograms and playing with functions. The colour to the little cars has been supportive to their archetipical appearance.

Crash Car, 2001
Boys, when first playing with cars, usually move just up and down with their car. The truck has a little driver that can go in and out.
collection: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Truck Car, 2005

Snowplough, 2009
for Guest of Honour exhibition Stockholm

Limo, 2009
for inside Deluxe in Redlight district Amsterdam

Tow Truck, 2010

production: INEKEHANS|collection
Runner Up Rotterdam Design Prize 2003