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CHOPS, summer exhibition in Park Soestdijk (NL)
outdoor installation for BAL!

CHOPS: over 100 chopping boards out of recycled plastic hanging under the roof of the Royal Palace Garden Pavillion for Dutch Soestdijk Palace Summer exhibition.

Soestdijk was the Palace where Queen Juliana of the Netherlands lived who reigned till 1980. Before her Soestdijk was the home of previous Dutch Kings and Queens. After the summer of 2016 the Palace will get another function. To celebrate a last time in the Palace the summer exhibition BAL! was set up hosting over 40 installations of dutch artists, photograpers & designers.
In the back of the garden is a traditional Ice Cellar. On top of this cellar a wooden pavilion was build. A hole in the floor led through the roof of the cellar. In Winter this Ice cellar used to be filled with ice from the pond nearby. In Summer, the cellar was stocked with food to stay fresh. The roof of the pavillion kept the sharpest sunbeams away.

For the installation storing food was the occasion that started of CHOPS. In Holland many households used to store and dry meat in the past by hanging it on the ceiling. Part of the ice cellar of Soestdijk was also used like his. Earlier this year Ineke rediscovered a nice recycled material that she knew from years ago when developping her iconic Ordinairy Furniture collection that is also made from recycled plastic. A while ago production was started up again in the UK.
The recycled plastic is extremely suitable for chopping boards and the appearance of the red recycled plastic reminded very much of minced meat and the looks of salami, sausages and other types of meat. This gave rise to the idea of chopping boards in the shape of chops, hams, bacon, sausages or steak and hang them to the ceiling like dried meats.

commision: BAL summer exhibtion
exhibition: BAL! summer exhibition in Paleis Soestdijk