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Saladbowl & Fork
2006, RoyalVKB

Habits change and we like to eat fresh and healthy food nowadays. Dressing your own salad personalizes your food. This salad bowl is a unique product to meet todays habits. The wide bowl and long-handled fork are just what you need to give your salad a good stir and cover it completely with dressing.
The bowl is made of melamine and has a non-slip base ring making it stable when placed on the table. The stainless steel fork has an extra long handle, wide prongs and is slightly bowed at the end especially for piercing or scooping out your last ingredients.
The side handle makes the bowl easy to pick up and can also be used to hold the fork for carrying around steadily.

commission: RoyalVKB
production: RoyalVKB
distribution: RoyalVKB