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Instant Desk for Opendesk film
Frugal Film, 2020: Instant Desk for Opendesk

Instant Desk
2017, prototype for Opendesk

Instant Desk is a folding table developed for open source platform Opendesk. It exists as a digital file and can be globally downloaded and produced through local workshops when and where needed. 
The table is narrow (we work only from laptops nowadays), but its size also allows two tables to be made from one standard sheet of plywood. The design respons to the flexibility and mobility that is required for workspaces today. It can be set up and stored instantly. 
Its size makes it suitable for home and (pop-up) offices.

The offices of Opendesk are London based on a cycling distance from Ineke Hans' studio in London. The prototypes in this film were made at Machinesroom, a fablab also based along the London canal.

exhibition: Was ist Loos?, 2017

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