Ineke Hans Studio

playhouses sauna glasshouse linedrawing houses playhouses in Rome in Haarlem

Home is where the Heart is
2003, modular houses

Four identical house frames are turned and set up in different ways and receive a totally different function through this turning.Two houses are placed on top of eachother and become a climbing house with sandpit half a meter into the ground.
The tophouse – resting on its chimnee – turns into a hut and lookout for kids and a a fantastic hiding place.
Straight up with a sliding glassdoor the little house is a kind of greenhouse and when upsidedown the wooden house becomes a sauna.
Home is where the Heart is houses were designed for the outdoor area of the TRUE LIFE exhibition in Haags Gemeentemuseum and were part of the WonderHolland exhibition at the Forum Trajanum in Rome.

2 playhouses
sandpit & climber / pile house with balcony from metal and recycled plastic
wooden sauna with bench
metal and glass greenhouse