Ineke Hans Studio

butcher chef housewife waitress fisherman aprons in true life housewife side and back waitress decent fisherman side and back double dutch collection

Double Dutch Aprons
2001, five aprons

Double Dutch is a small collection of clogs and aprons initiated by INEKE HANS/ARNHEM. The apron collection contains five simple, functional aprons, made from a single shape, and in one size. Cut out of washable PVC, the simplicity of the flat graphic aprons is amazing. Based on different trades, there is an apron individually appropriate for five professions: butcher, chef, housewife, waitress and fisherman.

high apron with tea towel loop
hip apron with tea towel-loop
apron with breastpiece tightened at the back
waitress + wallet
‘piercing’ prevents wallet to slide out of the folded pocket
breast high apron tightened with elastic

graphics: Bart Kaper