Ineke Hans Studio

classic elephantin balancing barn MVRDVbalancing barn toohigh elephantproduction low elephant  ABN AMRO headquarters

Under Cover Chairs
2001-2002, upholstered furniture

In a way a follow up on the earlier Under Cover Chairs project, creating furniture as pictograms: clear images that express their funtion in a very clear way.
Since 2001 three chaise longues (elephant chaises) are industrially produced for INEKE HANS/COLLECTION with proper upholstery fabrics and used in projects a lot

high Elephant (a.k.a. white elephant) – chaise longue, 2001
low Elephant (a.k.a. 0010) – chaise longue, 2001
classic Elephant (a.k.a. 006) - chaise longue, 2001
two Elephants (a.k.a. 009) - chair and footstool, 2002

in projects:
high and low Elepant: ABN/AMRO bank
high Elephant and two Elephants: hotel arena
low Elephant: Triodos Bank