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Bowl and Spoon
2005, RoyalVKB

Habits change. We used to have service sets with components for every different function and ...fifty years ago we used to eat together around the table nowadays people eat in front of the television.Bowls and spoon meet our different habits. The stainless steel spoon fits in the handle of the ceramic bowl.
The design of this set communicates the use. The shape, size and the hollow handle are inviting you to pick it up.
The product idea is based on the Chinese noodle bowl but with a twist, which you will find in the multi-functionality. This Bowl and spoon can be held in one hand, making it easy to carry the bowl and spoon while you might reach for the remote control with the other hand.The material chosen and the shape of the spoon mean that you can use it to eat your soup, but also to serve sauce on the dinner table or using it for grated cheese, olives or nuts.....

Awards: Red Dot award 2006, Design Plus Award 2007

commission: Royal VKB
production: Royal VKB
distribution: Royal VKB