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Routing & signing for Sonsbeek '16

We designed the routing & signing for Sonsbeek'16 TRANSACTION. 
Sonsbeek '16 is the 11th version of the most acclaimed exhibition of contemporary art in public space in the Netherlands taking place at irregular years since 1949 in Park Sonsbeek Arnhem, Netherlands.
Curators of Sonsbeek '16: transACTION are ruangrupa an artist and curator collective from Indonesia. Ruangrupa is closely connected with Indonesian culture, in which community, collective and friendship are central themes. For ruangrupa, contemporary art is necessarily about working together and connecting between individuals and groups.

For the routing of Sonsbeek'16 we picked up the theme of working together and connected it to the traditional Dutch Meiboom a sign of cooperation and friendship and its Indonesian counterpart Panjat Pinang. On the 17th of August coconut poles of 10-12 mtr high with prizes in the top are climbed. The poles are slippery and the day is festive celebrating the Indonesion independence  from the Dutch. To climb to the top teams have to cooperate and make a good plan.

- As signs for the main locations of Sonsbeek '16 we made a mix of the dutch Meiboom and the indonesian Panjat Pinang. We used printed ribbons (blue and white, the colours of Arnhem & sonsbeek 2016) and created poles as beacons for the routes of Sonsbeek '16. Some of our poles had and blue and white presents in the top, some were equipped with arrows to point directions when needed. To hold the poles we re-used the benches we designed the city of Arnhem for MoBA'13.For Molenplaats - the central hub of Sonsbeek'16 and entrance to the Park - we created a festive square of poles reminding of the Panjat Pinjang fields in Indonesia on the 17th of August, see
- The white and blue ribbons were also used as routefinders between the main locations park, city, museum by knotting them to trees, poles and objects along the road.
- Last but not least the ribbons were used to create rosettes that pointed out the artworks of Sonsbeek: white + blue ribbons for Sonsbeek '16 and white + green ribbons with roman numerals for artworks of previous editions of sonsbeek in the park and in the Museums garden

The maypoles popping up at Arnhem back and front side of Arnhem Central station, Museum Bronbeek, Museum Arnhem, Rozet, Stadsvilla Sonsbeek, Coehoornpark/Stella by Starlight, Molenplaats Sonsbeek...

More info: Sonsbeek '16 transACTION

commision: Sonsbeek international
production: studio INEKEHANS
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