Ineke Hans Studio

snip carpet bluesnip and fly chairsnip closesnip closesnip closersnip very closesnip carpet bluesnip rimsnip edgesnip backingsnip in progress working on snipcolours: red browncolours: yellow greencolours: bluessnip carpet blue

SNIP, rug 
2016, for Nodus

As a child I loved to cut small paper carpets and the enchanted patterns that would come up when unfolding the paper. Snip is based on that. The snipped pattern always suffered from imperfect mirroring because of the thickness and folding of the paper as is the case here. The pattern for me also links to the geometric Persian carpets stored as archetypes in the back of our minds. 

Snip is designed for the Nodus Handtufted Design Rugs collection.

production: Nodus
distribution: Nodus