Ineke Hans Studio

Mayday for Playdaytable setting + eco pink fracture+double light spiderlightstable settinglights-sitting-hanging baskets+easy window view vivid wall mayday in progress 03 in progress 01 in progress 02

Mayday for Playday
2006, exhibition at VIVID Gallery

A lightweight exhibition by INEKEHANS at VIVID Rotterdam.
The new work on show at VIVID was a Time out.
Time out from commissions.
Time out from design and the world of design.
Time out... a step aside.
No demands related to the spirit of times, durability, or producability, no rules no pre-conditions, but a longing for peace, down-to-earthness, vernacular and a secret craving for pretentiousless.
Just play... a plea for intuition.

Handicapped by the knowledge of a professional designer used to think about materials, sizes, concepts, contexts, etc, and with her own backgrounds and preferences for clear, simple no-nonsense shapes, Ineke Hans intuitively created a small collection super lightweight furniture, wire-lights and baskets with working-title:
“Wochenend und Sonnenschein und dann mit dir im Wald allein”

Part of the light weight Fracture Furniture found its way to Cappellini Collezione in 2007

exhibition: VIVID gallery Rotterdam