Ineke Hans Studio

corian detail3 trays 3 as a set

James for dinner / James for tea,
2003 C-lection for Corian

Trays in two sizes.
With glue usually used to connect corian parts a decorative pattern as if crochet is made on the trays. White on white or orange on white. Coffee, tea or other drinks on it are prevented from 'wet feet'.
This set of three trays is made of Corian® Glacier White, with a pattern hand-painted onto the surface in Corian® Mandarin (using ‘liquid’ Corian® adhesive.) The two small trays fit easily into the large one and can be stored together. The trays have been vacuum-formed to achieve a completely seamless, homogenous look.

production: C-Lection
information: C:Lection