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play area green living yellow living dining areaquiet areahallways green flower wallpaper yellow flower wallpaper knitted wallpaper checks and tulips wallpaper aqua wallpaper modular furniture tubular furniture

Interior proposals
2000, Hospital Rijnstate Arnhem

Interior Proposals for psychatrical department.
Area to sit, listen to music or watch television with twelve people. Bold pattersn on washable HPL, and lasercut patterns in carpet’s and linoleum. Modular upholstery system, tubular coffeetables, bold wooden hifi cupboards, woollen floor tiles, fifty green/yellow Sansevieria laurentii
The psychiatric department of the hospital where 24 patients stay for a maximum of three months was like all the other departments: the living rooms looked like waiting rooms. An investigation of all functions and behaviour in the department was made in response to this.
The whole area was reorganized to make it more functional and ‘at home’ for its occupants. Making things clearer for the patients meant that each area got its own specific, archetypical furniture and own colour scheme.
Two living rooms, one green and one yellow, were designed with easy to clean flowered wallpapers (realized in cooperation with Abet Laminati) and comfortable easy chairs, sofas, and foot stools/extra seats. For some people experiencing difficulties sitting close to others there was a sofa with arm dividers that could be used. The upholstered seats were set up as a simple, but well considered, modular upholstery system.
The purple play area was given a striped and lined linoleum floor reminding of sports halls pointing out biljart, football, a darts area and passages.
Hallways and furniture in other areas somehow reminded of stereotypical, old-fashioned hospitals, with clean, long white halls, and white tubular furniture. White embroidery patterns of winter, summer, spring and autumn scenes were sandblasted on the windows of the therapy rooms bordering the white hallways, reminding of outdoors.
In the hallways, neon daylight tubes and hay fever lights illustrated day and dusk . Because patients were inside most of the time a lot of plants - subordinate to the mood and colour scheme of the areas - were introduced.

commission: Hospital Rijnstate Arnhem