Ineke Hans Studio

see troughexit/entrance overall view inside the greenhouse entrance exit windowview

2002, exhibition house

In 2002 Ineke Hans and Dutch designer Jan Broekstra got together to show their new designs during the Salone in Milan. For that occasion they tried an alternative form of exhibiting. A place where the objects they designed could really be used became a place where visitors could stay for a while, read a book if they wanted, after having run around to look at design all day. A relaxing place to eat soup from porcelain bowls sit in comfortable furniture, where visitors started to discuss what they had seen during the day and what they picked up along the way.
A yellow ‘deluxe set’ was used as an outdoor dining table. A ‘soup house’ serving soup, and a greenhouse showing Ineke’s ‘black collections’ gave an ‘everyday’ context to the presentation.