Ineke Hans Studio

a pedestal (AtA)'Fetishism in Fashion', curator: Lidewij Edelkoortreading about the exhibtion (AtA)Furniture for Fashion (GS)pedestals and infosheets(AtA)Nudism pedestals (AtA)how vitrine is fixed (AtA)two mannequins on pedetalsmany mannequins on pedestals (AtA)this is what the floor looks likeInfantilism room + ladder (AtA)box (GS)stage (GS)Folklorism duo'sShamanism circle (AtA)mannequin took shoes of (AtA)pedestals for dogsblack pedestalsblack space + how vitrines are fixed (GS)black pedestals in nice roominfo panels (AtA)'Elevation', curators: Lola PagolaElevation view (GS)table and stoolshoes (GS)shoes (GS)Elevation & ladders (AtA)Elevation shoes (GS)'Make Believe', curators: People of the LabyrinthsMake believe catwalk and pedestals (AtA)decorated pedestals (AtA)pedestals and texts (AtA)Make believe exhibition view (GS)'Fascination', curators: Ravage (GS)Fascination in Zijpendaal castle (GS)Fascination in Zijpendaal castle (GS)Furniture for Fashionpicture pedestal Ravage loaded in truckpedestals and showcaseswalls and screenslooks like manhattanpedestals wrapped for transportladders and info walls in workshopladders and info walls in workshop

Furniture for Fashion: exhibition and displays Fashion Biënnale Arnhem
2013, MoBA13

MoBA13, dedicated to 'Fetishism in Fashion' with curator Lidewij Edelkoort, asked to take care of all 3d design & identity of Fashion Biennale Arnhem.
We worked out three coherent plans on:
a. furniture for fashion, exhibition and displays
b. info- leisure- and shopdesign
c. routing and citydressing

Exhibtion and displays:

Commission: MoBA13
Production: studio/INEKEHANS & KOP
Curator MoBA13, Fetishism in Fashion: Lidewij Edelkoort, see film
Co-curators: Elevation by Lola Pagola, Make Believe by People of the Labirinth, Fascination by Ravage
Photo's: GS = Gerrit Schreurs, AtA = Alphons ter Avest

More MoBA13 3d design and identity:
info-, leisure- and shopdesign
routing & citydressing