Ineke Hans Studio

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IH Eidetic Furniture
1997, publication

As part of the presentation of Ineke Hans’ first collections in London in 1997, a small catalogue about her work and interests up until that point was produced. Images were accompanied by a text by the writer and curator Lucy Bullivant on ‘eidetic furniture’, explaning the links between her work and thoughts.
The book was designed by Bart Kaper

….. ‘,her identity clearly of a designer, with the impulses of a sculptor, and the industrial experience needed to define products with a commercial life.’ …..
….. ‘The word eidetic comes from the Greek word ‘eidos’, meaning form or that which is seen, and refers to a mental image with unusual vividness and detail, so much so that it appears to be actually visible.’ …..
….. ‘Her work investigates the psychological roots of furniture, perceiving and playing with the interaction between people and objects. It centres around the pictogram, drawing on the eidetic images stored in the mind from earliest childhood, a world without words.’ …..
….. ‘ You have to know what you are dealing with. If you don’t, then designed pieces become a blur, then everything is arbitrary. You recognise archetypical forms because they are stored in the back of our minds.’ …..

collections: various museums
production: Ineke Hans
graphic design: Bart Kaper