Ineke Hans Studio

single supper setSuper Single Supper Set, napkin tablecloth Dineer Royaal service set

Dineer Royaal
1995 - 1997, dining concepts

Between 1995 and 1997 Ineke Hans and Dutch designer Erik Jan Kwakkel worked together occasionally and created some new concepts for dining accessories.
For their first project the bone china Dineer Royaal Sets they travelled to Stoke-on-Trent in the UK where the country’s traditional bone china industry is based. From outdated and incomplete service sets they found there, they scavenged a variety of soup bowls, breakfast plates and dinner plates. By firing prints of meatballs on the soup bowls, prints of slices of bread on the breakfast plates and potato prints on the dinner plates, each of the loose bowls and plates became coherent sets again, endowed with new meaning. The resulting sets were packed in napkins. After visiting many Royal bone china companies, Ineke and Erik Jan decided to call this project: Dineer Royaal, meaning: to dine a lot. The sets were produced in a limited edition.

The second project they did together was Super Single Supper Set, mixing the idea of the napkin, placemat and personal tablecloth. A simple print was made on cotton, indicating place and space. These were also produced in a limited edition.

Dineer Royaal set, 1995
collections: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Gemeente Museum Arnhem
production:Dineer Royaal

Super Single Supper Set, 1997
collection: Netherlands Textile Museum, Tilburg
production: Dineer Royaal

cooperation: Erik Jan Kwakkel